CASAL Home care to use MindDice

MindDice is to be used by carers as an integral part of a CASAL’s new home care service in South East London. In a training held in February CASAL trainees were introduced  to MindDice and shown how to use it to establish a rapport with the people they care for.

Once the service goes live in April 2012 CASAL carers will use the MindDice  to engage with  their clients. ‘Prompts’ written on the MindDice will be the key to  the person’s past so they can know the person. So rather than seeing the client simply as an old person in need of care they will be able  to know of the person’s past and so help them retain a sense of self.

CASAL aims to help and support people so they can continue living in their own homes. The service aims also  to provide the GoldStandard Care framework so people can be supported at home until their death.

Miguel Neves and his colleagues have set up CASAL with a respect  for the lives of the people  they care for and commitment to help to maintain it that way.  Miguel has over 20 years of experience and is a past winner of the Greater London Mayor Award for recognition for his work in the Health & Social care area.

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